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Business Travel

Executive travelers enjoy world-class services in Central America. Regional trade is on the rise and so is the number of business visitors and international conferences. Central America boasts world-class convention centers and business facilities in all of its larger cities, particularly the nations' capitals. International and regional airline service offers frequent and reliable connections.

Executive travelers and conference organizers enjoy the sophistication of business tourism services, including fully equipped business centers, conference rooms, simultaneous translation services and fitness equipment. The larger hotels in the capitals stock foreign newspapers and magazines such as the Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald and Latin Trade.

If you are a planning an event, holding a meeting in Central America also means being able to offer participants the diversity of attractions the region has to offer. Whether you are seeking adventurous or cultural diversions for your conference participants, we will help you find the diversity that only Central America offers.

Doing Business:
Today, Central America is ready to assume a new and active role in the world economy, after experiencing a profound transformation in internal aspects of social, economic and political order, by which a democratic government and a growing economy have developed.

The Central American countries are part of the World Trade Organization and have subscribed important treaties on this matter, as are the GATT and the different treaties and agreements arising from the Central American integration process. Likewise, the countries are negotiating as part of the "Triangle of the North", a free-trade agreement with Mexico and USA, as part of its effort to expand its markets and obtain a relevant participation in international trade.

Central America is a region interested in promoting social and economical development, and as such has begun a process of legal reforms that will allow it to actively participate in the international system, and as well guarantee foreigners a treatment similar to locals, pursuing to grant them equal rights and obligations along with security and protection to their investment.