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in Central America

Central America boasts a rich blend of cultures, a mosaic of races and languages and timeless connections between past and present.

Travelers wishing to understand the region can explore the region's archaeological sites -- mainy named "World Heritage Sites" by the United Nations. In addition, you'll find "living culture" in theaters, local festivals and educational centers. Take special note of the holidays. Whether it's a Saint's Day, a town fair, or Carnival, there's always a celebration taking place somewhere in Central America.

Spanish is the official language in all Central American countries except Belize, where English is the national tongue. For students of any age, there are numerous language schools in the region that teach Spanish as well as indigenous languages.

Understanding Central America's unique cultural history is facilitated by visits to the numerous archaeological sites, including Copan in Honduras and Tikal in Guatemala. Stone petroglyphs are found on Omotepe and Zapetera islands in Lake Nicaragua.

There are also many museums, ranging from large galleries to community showcases. Some of the best museums include San Jose's Museo de Oro in Costa Rica. Displaying a plethora of pre-hispanic gold jewelry, it is without a doubt one of the best in the region. Another traveler's favorite is the Butterfly Museum in La Ceiba, Honduras.

Without a doubt, the Maya was one of the most ancient civilizations to settle in the Central American regions of El Petén (Guatemala) and Yucatan (Mexico), as well in neighboring areas such as Tabasco, Chiapas and Belize.